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January || 2018

January || 2018

HI GUYS!! I am so excited to start this series on my website. I get asked a lot of questions regarding items of clothing I've been loving, products I'm using frequently, etc, so I wanted to start this segment of my blog for that reason. This was inspired by Free + Native's #NativeWeek posts which I've been following religiously for a few years. These favorites are totally random, which means they might not always be focused on wellness or food...just things I'm digging at the moment! I hope that this monthly roundup of my favorite things is helpful for you! It has been fun to write and I look forward to continuing this series!!

Athleta Long Sleeve Tee: I was able to snag this shirt in a pink color at my local Athleta store. It looks like the pink is no longer available online, but it is SUPER cozy, and each color is beautiful. I am eyeing the toasted brown heather color. Mines a size S. 

Patagonia Gaiter: I picked up this warm gaiter on sale while at the beach over New Years and it was SUCH a good purchase. I’ve been wearing this thing on all of my #dailywalks and beyond. Perfect layering piece. 

Lauren Manoogian Capote Coat: I purchased this coat in December, and its hardly been removed from my body since. I debated whether or not I’d feature this piece, simply because of its insane price tag. However, so many people have asked me who makes it, and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it.  If you’re reading this because I’ve referred you to my website to check it out, it’s because I’m a little embarrassed I spent so much money on a sweater (I got it on sale but STILL). Now you know. I've also linked a similar, less expensive option below. 

VITA Parfum in Terra: I’ve had this fragrance for a few months, but have just revisited it. I am absolutely obsessed with the scent. I’m pretty much a sucker for any fragrance that has fig notes within it. It’s a beautiful, slightly musky, sexy scent. Highly recommend. 

Coyo Coconut Yogurt: I fell in love with this yogurt when I was desperate for a non-dairy substitute that wasn’t as expensive as Coconut Cult. I purchased this at my local MOMS Organic Market, but try to find it at a store near you! 

IKEA Sheepskin Pillow: I snagged this GORGEOUS sheepskin pillow from my local IKEA recently, and I am IN LOVE. Its so cozy, and is fueling my pillow obsession nicely. Plus, I think it makes a beautiful addition to our bed. 

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February || 2018

February || 2018