Meet Allie Mason Hoffberg; 

The Health Mason®, LLC.

Hey there! I am so glad you found my site! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a Baltimore native, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, dog lover, recipe developer, and health foodie. 

When people have asked me in the past "what is your passion?" I always had the hardest time answering the question. I would scan my brain for hobbies or things I enjoy doing. I'd think to myself, "I love eating healthy and making delicious healthy meals, but that can't be my passion...right?" Ummmm, wrong.....of course it can. 

I am not exactly sure where my passion for wellness began. I learned the practice of diaphragmatic breathing at the age of 7, and started practicing Yoga Nidra when I was 14 to manage my anxiety issues. Maybe that was the start? Having had unhealthy relationships with food and my body in the past, I found that eating well and making healthier decisions were what ultimately fueled my passion for this lifestyle. You could say I am wellness obsessed, in that I will try JUST about anything in the name of overall well-being (big fan of acupuncture and Ayurvedic herbs). 

My goal with this site is to share healthy, nutrient-dense recipes that are easy and satisfying. I want to show others that eating "healthy" or "clean" doesn't need to be difficult or depriving. It is all about balance. If you want to have potato chips, go for it. But don't overdo it, and follow those chips up with a big kale salad. We're all human! I also hope that this site can be a place for wellness-based topics that are as simple as how to de-stress, or my tips for creating a zen home space. Here I share my recipes and experiences with all of you, in hopes that you will be able to extract SOMETHING from a post and apply it to your life in someway. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 


Please note: I do not believe in the practice of calorie counting. I believe in body love, but acknowledge the fact that “bad days” happen.

I also strive to buy organic, non-GMO produce and ingredients whenever I can.

We are not perfect, we are human!

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