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The Health Mason Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The Health Mason Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Happy Holidays! To me, there is nothing better than the Christmas holiday season. I love decorating our house, buying presents and just feeling festive! This year, I wanted to come out with a holiday gift guide/favorite products of 2017 post. I have included a few of my all time favorite products, at a variety of price points so you can get something for everyone on your list! Most of these products you’ve seen me mention on my Instagram, or somewhere here on my website, because I seriously LOVE each of them.  I hope you find this helpful!!

Cocokind MyMatcha Stick ($9)

You’ve heard me talk about the Mymatcha stick time and time again! But I am OBSESSED with it! While some people mention they use it under their eyes, I just use it as lip balm throughout the day. I love how big the stick is, which makes it last longer than your standard Chapstick. The mymatcha stick would make an awesome stocking stuffer! I am so obsessed I keep several around my house and in my car.

Bombas Socks ($12)

Santa gifted Yale and I these socks last year and they are both of our favorite socks ever. There's nothing worse than ankle socks that roll down your foot and bunch up in your shoe. These have a tighter arch fit to prevent slipping, and are thicker for great cushion. I asked for more for Christmas again this year! Socks aren't exactly a fun gift to buy yourself, but these socks will make you want to swap all of your old pairs! Another great stocking stuffer option!

Further Food Collagen Peptides ($20)

We all know by now that collagen peptides were a hot trend in 2017. I personally love Further Food collagen peptides for my plain and simple collagen peptide. There are other flavored peptides on the market, but for plain ole collagen peptides, I find Further Food best fits within my budget. Looking to get collagen for someone on your list? Use my code “HEALTHMASON” at checkout on the Further Food website for a couple dollars off your order.

The Coconut Cult Yogurt ($24)

Yogurt may not be viewed as a traditional "gift" per se, which is why I am also calling this my favorite products of 2017 post! However, if you're like me, you'd be pretty dang happy to receive a jar of Coconut Cult for Christmas!  I am LITERALLY OBSESSED with Coconut Cult. It is the most expensive yogurt I have ever purchased, but it lasts awhile since I only consume about 2 tablespoons a day. We don’t have any stores in Baltimore who carry the Cult yet, but my brother picks it up for me in DC. This would be a fun thing to bring to a Christmas party for everyone to try, or you could make coconut parfaits for dessert.

Miir Camp Cup ($25)

It is insane to me the amount of DMs I receive daily about my blue metal coffee cup. But I cannot recommend this thing enough! I picked mine up at a coffee shop in San Diego earlier this year, but I have used it every day since. They keep my coffee hot for HOURS. I also have the 12oz tumbler, but use the coffee cup way more!

Reebok Jump Rope ($27)

This is my absolute favorite jump rope. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my silly videos jumping rope in my driveway. But it’s seriously my favorite way to get my heart rate up and to sweat. I am not a huge fan of cardio (running specifically), but I find that jumping for 10-30 minutes a few times a week is the perfect cardio alternative. This rope is my favorite because it’s adjustable and is an ideal weight.

The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook ($30)

If you're looking to buy a cookbook this holiday season, I'd say look no further than my friend Laura Lea's book! It is the perfect cookbook for the everyday home cook. I find the recipes are easy to navigate, it's beautifully photographed, and everything I've made from her book has been DELICIOUS! Highly recommend. 

Outdoor Voices Steeplechase Bra ($55)

For ladies who are lacking in the chest region, this sports bra is for you! The Steeplechase bra is a lower-support sports bra that looks cute, and I find doesn’t suffocate the ladies like some other sports bras do. I have this in two colors, but plan on having this be the only sports bra I wear here on out! It’s so comfortable and comes in amazing colors. 

Essential Oil Diffuser ($75)

I personally am a huge fan of essential oil diffusers. I actually have 3. I have one by a company called Vitruvi, the Young Living diffuser (linked above) and a small travel diffuser Yale gave me. There are SO many diffusers out there, that it makes sense to do your research and find one that fits within your budget. All three of the ones I have are great! They instantly zen-ify your space, which is why I always have mine running at night. 

Sun Potion Yin Power ($115) 

I am freaking obsessed with Sun Potion’s Yin Power adaptogen blend. If you are new to the world of adaptogens and are having a hard time choosing just one to try, I’d say give the Yin Power blend a try. It is a mix of several women-specific adaptogens and comes in a huge glass jar. Definitely not the cheapest product, but considering the size of the jar, and how little you use everyday, this stuff is well worth the money and will last you awhile.

Lululemon Fleece Pullover ($118)

I bought last year's version of this pullover (mine's a full zip-up), and I ABSOLUTELY live in it! Seriously so cozy and it's a great layering piece. I find that it is perfect under a vest or a warmer jacket. It is great quality and has lasted me with zero wear and tear over the past year. Plus, it has a HOOD! Cozy central.

Staub Tea Kettle ($170)

When I first purchased my Staub teapot, I had a bit of buyer’s remorse. I thought I would maybe use it a few times a month, but turns out I use it just about every day. While it’s certainly not cheap, this cast iron teapot will last a lifetime, and is absolutely stunning on your stove.

Apple Watch ($270) 

I have the Apple Watch Series 2 38mm (water resistant) and it has been a game changer in my fitness routine. I find that I am far more motivated to get my steps in each day, since my watch actually reminds me to do so! I also preferred the Apple Watch because it linked to my other Apple devices. This would be the perfect gift for your techie friends!

Vitamix E310 ($350)

I am a firm believer that every foodie’s kitchen needs a Vitamix. They are the best blenders on the market, and are worth the money. I was gifted this machine a few months ago from Vitamix and MindBodyGreen at the Revitalize conference, and it’s awesome! This machine is a nice size that would look beautiful on your counter, or would fit in a cabinet. I’ll never use another blender brand.

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