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Welcome to The Health Mason, a health and wellness lifestyle blog where I share my love for easy recipes, clean beauty, mental health awareness and so much more.  I believe that maintaining a holistic lifestyle should be fun and approachable, not difficult or depriving. My hobbies include creating clean recipes for my family, friends and followers, exploring the latest green beauty trends, getting in my daily walks, and spending quality time with my rescue dog, Buzz!

I love collaborating with incredible brands whose mission and values align with my own.  If you think you’d be a good fit, I would love to hear from you!

I only work with brands who align with my 3 Criteria:

  1. Is this a product/brand I am truly excited about? Would I spend my own money on this product/service?

  2. Do I think this product/brand would bring value to my audience? Is it worth sharing with them?

  3. Does this brand value my platform?

Please contact me via the form here or feel free to email me directly at

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Sponsored Instagram Posts: I am proud to share products from companies I truly believe in and actually use. Highlighting your product on my feed gives my audience a feel as to how they could use the product in their daily lives as well.

Sponsored Instagram post with Four Sigmatic

Sponsored Instagram Stories: Instagram stories are a fun way to reach my audience. I am very active on Stories, and love sharing products via this medium! It’s a great way to get my audience to visit your page quickly and easily.

Sponsored Blog Posts: I love sharing more about your company, mission and products on my blog! These long form posts give my audience the chance to learn more and get to know your company on a deeper level!

Sponsored Blog post with Sprouts HERE

Recipe Development: Have a product I can use in a recipe? Let me create an entire recipe dedicated to it!

Brand Product Giveaway: Everyone loves a giveaway! I would love to give my audience a chance to win your product!

Brand Product Giveaway Examples HERE and HERE

Brand Ambassador & Affiliate Programs: Does your brand have an ambassador or affiliate program you think I should be a part of? Feel free to reach out!