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Natural Beauty: Eye Makeup Recomendations

Natural Beauty: Eye Makeup Recomendations

A few weeks ago on stories, I asked you guys what natural beauty products you were missing from your routine, or what you were on the search for. I compiled a list of your requests, and am creating a blog series to answer those questions! I’ve been testing a variety of products for WEEKS to find what is best, and here is my first list: EYE MAKEUP! I hope you find this helpful! I’ve made it easy so you can shop the products directly in this post!


PYT Beauty Primed & Ready Mascara Duo: I received this mascara a few weeks ago from PYT, and I have been loving it! I have never used a mascara with a primer before (natural or traditional), and it is a game changer! This looks full and beautiful, and is actually easy to remove. It doesn’t smudge or flake like other natural mascaras do. I also love the wand on this mascara (hourglass is important to me!)

100% Pure Mascara: I ordered this mascara because it received a score of 0 toxicity on the Think Dirty app. While the PYT beauty mascara is my fav, this is another great, totally non-toxic option!


PYT Beauty No BS Eyeshadow Palette: This is a GORGEOUS natural tone eyeshadow palette. I am not a huge eye shadow wearer, but I’ve been really digging this palette from PYT!

Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Shadow Palette: This eye shadow palette comes in a BUNCH of colors (linked below), but I received the palette in “Beautiful”. I am super excited to have this, because I typically fill in my brows with eye shadow, and the browns in this palette are perfect for me!


PYT Beauty Brow Pencil: Out of the two brow pencils I received, I think this one is my favorite. I like the shape of the pencil (it’t not pointy), and think it draws on nicely. It comes with a eyebrow spoolie which is greatly appreciated. I’ve been wearing this guy on most days when I put on makeup. My only issue with the product is the fact that the actual brow pencil sometimes comes out of the packaging. I am always able to shove it back in, but I worry it may break if I’m not careful.

Ere Perez Almond Eyebrow Pencil: I only more recently started using an eyebrow pencil, and I must say, I love the precision it offers. I appreciate that this pencil comes with a little eyebrow brush attached, to tame my wild, unkept brows.

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