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5 Steps to Maintain Your Wellness Practice While Planning A Wedding

5 Steps to Maintain Your Wellness Practice While Planning A Wedding

With less than three months to go, Yale and I are quickly approaching our October 20th wedding date, which means we are in the thick of planning mode! I must say, thanks to the help of our incredible wedding planners over at Union3 Events, the planning process has been pretty stress-free so far, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling the pressure! 

I have been trying to avoid “Bridezilla” the entire time we’ve been planning the wedding. However, there have been a couple times where I’ve felt my heart rate and temper increase, and my patience decrease! It is during those times when I’ve needed to remind myself to stay calm, and keep my wellness practice in check. Below are a few of my tips and tricks for maintain your zen while planning a wedding.

1. Take a Brisk Walk

Have you found yourself exchanging emails with vendors and clenching your jaw while pounding on the keyboard? Me too. We all get that way, even when we’re not planning a wedding. However, the added stress of wedding planning can make your typical day even more overwhelming.  I’ve found that stepping away from my computer and taking a 15-20 minute walk outside is all I need to clear my head. There are going to be numerous times when the planning process becomes overpowering, but you can rest assured that your reset plan is a brisk walk!

2. Spoil Yourself!

“Self-Care” is a buzz-worthy term these days, and can seem unattainable between meetings and our busy workweeks, but I have found simple self-care practices to be essential! Self-care doesn’t necessarily mean getting a massage every week until the wedding (but if you are able to swing that, more power to you!). For me, self-care is applying a 5-minute facemask before bed, or having an extra glass of wine after a stressful day. Self-care is just anything you do FOR YOU, and everyone’s self-care routine is different!

3. Put Your Foot Down

Saying no to vendors, or even the mother of the bride, can be difficult, especially when every one is excited about their ideas. However, saying “no” to things I know I won’t like or our guests won’t notice has been a huge part of alleviating my stress. You should be in full agreement with every detail of the wedding day! It is you and your fiancés big day after all!


This is going to sound obvious, but we lose so much sleep over planning our weddings, which can be awful for stress! Sleep resets the body, and gives it hours of healing. If you are sleeping poorly, or staying up until 2am gathering Pinterest inspiration (been there), you’re depriving your body of precious healing time. If you have insomnia like me, I highly recommend investing in an acupressure or sleep-induction mat! Mine has been a lifesaver! Self-care!!

5. Eat Clean

Especially in the weeks leading up to the wedding, I’d recommend eating as healthy a diet as possible. Eating poor, nutrient-deficient, processed foods can wreck havoc on our digestive system, skin, stress and energy levels. You want to be looking and feeling your best leading up to the wedding.  Also, make sure you’re drinking tons of water to get glowy, healthy skin!

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