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The Health Mason's 2018 Holiday Gift Guides

The Health Mason's 2018 Holiday Gift Guides

Hellooooo! Happy Holidays! K well this post may seem slightly premature for some, but I wanted to get it out before the craziness of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shopping starts (although many retailers have already begun their sales!)! If you’re like me, you like to plan ahead when it comes to gifts, so I wanted to share my gift guides with you a little earlier this year! Also, something new that I am doing for my gift guides this year is doing more than one! Hopefully this way, you can find items for everyone on your list! I hope you find this helpful…I personally love gift guides, so I loved putting this list together for you all! Enjoy!!

The Skincare Junkie

Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads: I think everyone and their mother knows by now how in love I am with these dang peel pads, but in case you’ve missed it, these things have changed my skin! I find they’ve helped tremendously with keeping my skin clear, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and have brightened my skin tone. If you have a friend or loved one who is obsessed with skincare, definitely consider this awesome gift. I also just ordered the Acne Pads, and CANNOT WAIT to try them out. Basically know I’m going to be obsessed.

January Labs: It’s hard for me to choose just one January Labs product to share, since I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far, so I figured I’d share three items! Three is better than one, right? I think January Labs is a great all-natural skincare option, especially for those on a budget. Although not the cheapest on the market (and for good reason…high quality ingredients!), January Labs products are much less expensive than other natural skincare products. I have been loving their eye cream (helps with puffiness, bags, dark circles, and fine lines), Restorative Tonic Mist (helps give skin a boost of hydration and helps keep breakouts at bay), as well as their Daily Brightening Tonic (which brightens your skin tone, as the name implies, while fighting impurities). Seriously obsessed. These three would be great in a set, or wrapped individually in a stocking!

Odacite Adventurine Kiss Lip Serum: I’ve mentioned this product a few times now, but I absolutely adore it. A staple in my nighttime ritual, this gorgeous lip serum lives by my bedside. I apply it before using my favorite Cocokind lipbalm. In fact both products would be the perfect stocking stuffer!

Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Massager/Cleansing Brush: I purchased this cleansing brush a few months ago after asking you all which facial cleanser is best. I debated investing in a Clarisonic, but it was a little more expensive than I was hoping for. Plus, some of you mentioned the Clarisonic isn’t as sanitary as the Foreo Luna because it isn’t made of silicone. I have been loving this little cleanser brush/massager, and use it a few times a week.

The Hygge Aficionado

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: These blankets are the absolute best for creating a cozy, warm space. We personally own this version, in stone, but I’ve also been eyeing this fun animal print version! I think these “Cozychic” blankets are the definition of hygge (cozy). I also have this robe in “Marine”, and this sweater! Addicted!

Framebridge Custom Prints: There is something to be said about framing pictures of your most fond memories that makes a home extra cozy. I have been OBSESSED with this site Framebridge since last Christmas. While it can be on the pricier side, their quality is unmatched, and they make the process so simple! Seriously obsessed and I can’t wait to frame tons of wedding pics.

Ugg Slippers: I know what you’re thinking, Uggs??? Really?! Honestly there is rarely a time when I’m NOT wearing Uggs in our house in the fall and winter. They are the coziest, warmest slippers. I love this slide-on version, but you cannot go wrong with a classic Ugg boot or these fun mule-style slippers. I just love Uggs, I’ll never get over them!

Nespresso Inissia Machine: Yale and I purchased our Nespresso Inissia two years ago on Black Friday, and it has SERIOUSLY been one of our best Black Friday purchases. I also find whenever I use it on my stories, people ask what type of coffee maker it is! This would be the PERFECT holiday gift for anyone on your list. And it is a great price right now because of all the sales! Now’s the time peeps! Cyber Monday update! THIS version is only $60! Never seen it so cheap!!

The Wellness Guru

Pottery Barn Waffle Robe: I’ve talked about this robe on my Favorites before, but it is one of my favorite things. Yale and I were given these robes as a wedding gifts, and they’re seriously so warm. It is a staple in our evening wind-down routine. I’m sure we both look hilarious wrapped up in our big plush robes, but they’re the greatest ever!

Acupressure Mat: I’ve been raving about acupressure mats for a few years now, but my acupressure mat is still one of my most favorite items. I was given my mat 3 years ago, and still use it at least once a week. It helps relieve migraines, back pain, tension headaches, induce sleep, reduce stress and so much more. This thing lives under my bed and I frequently use it to wind down and fall asleep. If you or a friend suffer from insomnia, I would definitely add an acupressure mat to your list!!

Lunya Siro Draped Jogger: I recently purchased these joggers and I am in love. They are the softest material ever. I’ve been lounging around the house in them ever since I purchased them a few weeks ago. I’ve also been eyeing this washable silk set.

Art of Tea Matcha Sticks: A few months ago, I completely quit coffee to get a better grip on my anxiety. Caffeine triggers my anxiety, however, I felt matcha helped keep me calm, yet caffeinated. I was introduced to these Matcha Sticks by Art of Tea, and I immediately fell in love. They are convenient for travel, and taste absolutely delicious! Also check out this ceremonial matcha set! While I am back on my coffee grind, this matcha still remains my favorite!

The Hostess

Nest Holiday Candle: I recently purchased this holiday-scented candle and I am OBSESSED! I have found I’m pretty sensitive (scentsitive…lol) when to comes to fragrance, but this particular candle doesn’t give me a headache. Plus, it comes in the most gorgeous box, so all you’d need to do is throw a gold ribbon around it! Such an easy hostess gift!

Pottery Barn Throw: I am TRULY obsessed with this blanket (and blankets in general…we have millions around the house). I has been wrapped around me all day since the temperatures started to drop. Seriously, I’ve never been able to find a warmer, more cozy blanket. These blankets are certainly worth the price, and do go on sale quite frequently, so definitely think about investing in one for yourself, and gift one to a friend! It’s not normal how much I adore this blanket!

Tour Wine Glasses: Whenever I bring out these wine glasses, people always ask where they’re from. It is always to my delight to share how inexpensive these awesome wine glasses are! They’re super thin, high quality glass that will put a smile on your friends’ face!

Custom Cutting Boards: Yale and I were recently sent one of these custom cutting boards from Hello World Paper Co. and we absolutely love it! They would make the most amazing hostess/newlywed/housewarming present. We opted for this style, but also love this one! We also received a custom return address stamp, which will be great for all of our wedding thank you notes and christmas cards! Use my code “THEHEALTHMASON” for 10% off your order!

The Home Cook

“Cook Like A Pro” by Ina Garten: I recently picked up this new cookbook by Ina Garten, and absolutely love it. It would be a great gift to give both beginner and experienced cooks. I think anyone appreciates a cooking tip from Ina Garten, no matter how long they’ve been in the kitchen!

Wusthof Knife Set: We were gifted this Wusthof knife set for our wedding, and it has changed our cooking game. I think we often overlook the importance of good quality knives when cooking. Wusthof has a few lines, but the one I linked is their slightly less expensive range. Still incredible quality, but with a lower price. You can start with a larger set like the one I linked, or a small set, or even smaller starter knife set! The options are endless!

Staub Petite Oven: I love all of my cast iron pieces, but find I frequently reach for this Petite Oven from Staub when I am just cooking a small dish for me and Yale. Staub cast iron is a great investment kitchen piece that would make any home cook happy!

The Guy Guide

Patagonia Zip Vest: Yale and I actually both own this super warm vest, and it is really awesome. I always stick with Patagonia for winter layering clothes and jackets because their quality really is superior to any other similar brand (in my opinion!). This vest is comfy and warm, but not bulky at all!

Sonos Speaker: We received a few of these speakers as wedding presents off our registry, and they are the best! The sound quality is amazing and they just look really chic and attractive in your home.

Bombas Socks: Ok so these definitely aren’t just for guys, but I wanted to include them on this list because Yale has SO MANY PAIRS! They are actually THE most comfortable socks we’ve ever worn, and don’t slip off your foot! Yale has the ankle sock version as well as the higher dress socks.

Nike Joggers: Yale has 2 pairs of these Nike joggers, and I am jealous I’ve never found a pair that look as good as these for myself! He actually lives in them when he’s not at work. Plus, they are stylish enough to wear in public and not look like a bum in sweatpants!

Aspinal of London Wallet: This wallet is THE BEST! Yale and I both actually have Aspinal wallets that have lasted us for over 5 years. Plus, I love that these can be personalized! They are beautiful and so classic. I may need to order myself a new one, now that my last name has changed!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I receive a small percentage of commission from any products purchased with these links, but does not impact or change your total price at checkout!

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