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Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg // @elevatetheglobe

Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg // @elevatetheglobe

Hi loves! Happy Monday! I am so pleased to introduce todays #BossBabes to the blog! I first heard about Britt and Tara through Jordan Younger's Podcast (Soul on Fire), last year when they were featured as guests (Episode 28 for those curious. Formerly known as High Vibe Livin) . Their magnetic energy drew me in and I was immediately interested in learning more about them. I reached out to Tara for an angel card reading which was an absolutely incredible experience (highly recommend). Britt and Tara are yoga and meditation instructors and have an amazingly beautiful Instagram account and website. They are mega bossbabes and I am so happy to welcome them to the blog! xo

Tell us a little bit about yourselves! We are Britt and Tara, Co-Founders of Elevate the Globe, high vibrational living experts, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructors, and channelers of the light. Based in LA, we have been best friends since middle school and we are on a mission to elevate humans and make this world a more loving place. We are hosts of The Elevator Podcast, Creators of RISE UP: A Course in High Vibrational Living & 528 Academy, speakers, bloggers, retreat leaders and we are currently writing our first book. We have dedicated our lives to teaching people to raise the vibration of their energy and have created a collective movement and incredible community that is elevating the globe.

What are your zodiac signs? Tara- Sun Libra, Moon Pisces, Britt- Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra

What inspired you to start Elevate The Globe? Britt- I  became really passionate about Kundalini Yoga and clean eating after it changed my life, shifted everything, and got me out of the partying scene that was killing me inside. I heard messages and started developing my intuition and everything became very clear as far as my purpose and I knew exactly what my path was, where before I was so lost. I started teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and began sharing inspiration and the high vibrational lifestyle I was living on Instagram and created High Vibe Livin which started to grow and connected me people to help them heal. Tara was one of my few friends at the time, that also got into spirituality, for her through astrology, and she started practicing Kundalini yoga and started living a similar lifestyle. It was something we would share and connect over. After my Mom passed away from cancer, I knew I had to make a big difference in the world and help share what I knew about wellness, high vibrational living, and spirituality in a larger way and Tara heard the same messages. We went to see a healer John of God who was in New York at the Omega Institute together and we experienced a miracle and Tara saw a vision and we experienced a download showing us working together and how to do it. We both ended up leaving our corporate jobs and followed our dreams and did everything we were told and saw that night and we continue to be very connected to our guides and angels and everything we do it guided. 

What does a day in the life of Britt & Tara look like? Always meditation in the morning, normally before sunrise. We tune in, do breathwork, bring in gratitude for the day, do Kundalini warm ups, meditation, visualize and use affirmation and mantra. It sounds like a lot but our non0-negotiable Magic Morning Ritual, which we teach in our 8 week course RISE UP, is only 15 min. and then we also meditate at night and often do more yoga and meditation throughout the day! We spend time planning our weeks, our goals, and what we are manifesting and then we focus on what will bring the most love into the world and what will allow us the support and sustainability to do it in our highest form - for the rest of our lives. We have been building so much and we have our podcast now so we are interviewing and connecting with amazing souls. We interact and shoot videos for our 528 Academy our monthly membership community, our other courses, and social media, and every day is really different. Right now we are planning a retreat in Bali in August so we have been working on that. Some days we do events, workshops, speak, travel, work with clients one on one. We work with conscious brands, we create, share, and then there is a lot that goes into running a successful business. Besides our assistant Lily and our developer, designer/videographer, and agent we do everything ourselves. We just got our LLC but there is always so much going on in the phase that we are in with our business. We love what we do and the changes that people experience and the stories we hear every day from our community about the shifts, transformation and beauty they are cultivating in their lives, make everything we do so fun and it is something we truly love doing so it's all very worth it!!

What is the best part of what you do? The hardest part? Best part is the impact and community we are creating and the connection we share with them and the flexibility and freedom we have.

Hardest is all of the backend business stuff- finances, website, taxes, all of the work it takes to incubate a successful business. 

What is the biggest message you want to share through your platform? We want people to connect to their true selves- their happiest, healthiest and most abundant selves and connect to what their purpose is in the world. We want people to have the tools and inspiration to put themselves first and then allow their light to shine and elevate their families, friends and communities and ultimately with a massive group of us doing it, shift the vibration of the planet to more love and less fear. 

Photos by Ashley Streff

Jordan Younger // @thebalancedblonde

Jordan Younger // @thebalancedblonde