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Allie Mason Hoffberg is the founder of The Health Mason, a
website aimed at empowering women to live healthier, more nutritious, and well-balanced lives. Allie is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, blogger, and recipe developer, who believes that eating "clean" doesn't need to be difficult or depriving. It is all about balance. Her passion for health and wellness fuels her drive to find simple solutions to eating well, and live a life based on holistic foundations.

Ali Bonar // @avokween

Ali Bonar // @avokween

YOU GUYS! I am SO excited to introduce this new part of my website. I felt SO inspired by today's #BOSSBABE Ali after she interviewed me, that I wanted to copy her and add my own similar segment to my site interviewing my favorite badass babes in wellness. I think we all know and love Ali's (aka @avokween) Instagram account. She is the DRIP KWEEN (see below) and takes incredibly stunning photos of her meticulously styled food. Plus, she is one of the most hilarious people I know. I am so excited to have Ali as the first interview on my #BossBabe Q&A segment. I hope you love Ali as much as I do!!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Hi kweens! I'm Ali, aka @avokween. Part-time Instagrammer, full-time eater. My life mood is Netflix and chill (but literally, like eat food and fall asleep). I was born in Japan, raised in San Diego and am now burning holes in my savings account in SF.  

What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius, baby! That may explain why I'm planning my next vacation while on my current vacation...

Tell us about your journey to becoming The Drip Queen aka Avokween! I've always had a deep interest in nutrition. In 3rd grade, I'd wake up early and pack "healthy lunches" for my family before school (no wonder my mom was worried about me). I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and snagged a job with a health tech company post-graduation, but the nutrition fire inside me was STILL BURNIN'. So, I created @avokween as an outlet to express my ~creativity~ through photography and recipe creation. 

What does a day in the life of Ali look like? Oh boy. Alarm goes off around 6:38am.. immediately open Instagram for a little morning scroll (pun intended) and then painfully emerge from the warm burrito fort that is my bed. I nurse some hot lemon water because I read once that Jennifer Aniston does that, and I need all the help I can get. I throw on some workout clothes and hit up either Equinox or a class nearby my house. (Working out in the morning is like beating your head against the wall: it feels really good when you stop). Head to work, where I'm on the marketing team for a health tech company. We're lucky to get lunch catered at work, so I don't have to pack a lunch (BLESS), and the options are surprisingly pretty healthy! Once I get home from work, I try to meditate for 10 minutes with Headspace before diving headfirst into my fridge - it helps me calm down and not mindlessly stress eat after a long day. (Another form of meditation I love is Real Housewives re-runs. Can't stop won't stop). My boyfriend works in Philly Mon-Thurs, so dinner during the week is usually me, myself and I. I've been loving roasted veggies with a side of wine lately. 

What is the best part of what you do? The hardest part? The whole reason I created @avokween was to provide myself with a creative outlet - and that's still my favorite part. I live for being in "the zone": knee-deep in recipe testing, shooting, editing...and the hours just fly by. You know you're doing something you love when you lose track of time. Honestly, the hardest part is being limited to 24 hours in a day. I have so many nights where it feels like my brain is just buzzing with ideas for new content, but it's 2am and I definitely regret it the next day. It's also tough to have a full-time job, since I have to cram all my shooting in on the weekends (I prefer to shoot with natural light). 

Be a ‘yes girl,’ but know when to say ‘no.’ Remember that we’re all just silly little specs on this floating rock hurdling through space, so don’t take yourself too seriously.

Do you have a fitness routine? ABSOLUTELY. I'm such a socio without those endorphins. I get bored very easily, so switching it up is key. Yoga sculpt, pilates, barre, spin - I don't discriminate. Listening to your bod is crucial, though. I used to burn myself out with workouts, never giving myself a break. Now I'm allllll about the rest day(s).  

What is the biggest message you want to share through your platform? TREAT YOSELF. As my name implies, I think everyone should feel like a kween. What does that mean? Loving who you are, for everything you are. Playing up your strengths. Being kind to your insecurities. Do what feels good. Be a "yes girl," but know when to say "no." Remember that we're all just silly little specs on this floating rock hurdling through space, so don't take yourself too seriously ;) 

Leigh Winters // @leighmwinters

Leigh Winters // @leighmwinters